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Suppliers (North America)

General Mills Inc wants to communicate electronically with all suppliers for purchase orders, purchase order changes, invoicing and ASN by either using standard EDI directly or by going through the General Mills Taulia Supplier Portal.

If you are a smaller company without EDI capabilities or do a smaller amount of PO business (less than 50 PO’S per month with General Mills) the Taulia Supplier Portal is the perfect option for you. The Portal provides email alerts for any new PO or PO changes and allows the supplier to submit invoices to General Mills.

Team General Mills EDI analysts and mappers are ready to help you understand GMI specifications and facilitate testing to get automated integration up and running quickly.

Contact Taulia Enrollment Team for questions related to the Taulia Supplier Portal.

Contact Team General Mills EDI for any questions related to standard EDI.

(International - Suppliers)

Supplier Transactions - Sourcing (NA)

Transactions Standard/Version Description
810 X12/4010 Ingredients and Packaging Invoice
850 X12/4010 Ingredients and Packaging Purchase Order
856 X12/4010 Supplier ASN
860 X12/4010 Ingredients and Packaging PO Change
X12/4010 Functional Acknowledgment
Support Documents
EDI 810 Invoice Documentation EDI 850/860 Purchase Order Documentation
EDI 856 ASN Documentation Interpreting EDI Translation Error Messages
Vender Pallet Label Requirements Standard Shipping Label Example
SSCC18 Pallet Labeling Scenarios EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment


Trading Partners

North America  

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